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Re-Inventing Telecom & Cloud Observability

qxip {quicksip} is an R&D Company pioneering Open-Source and Commercial Observability and Telecom Monitoring Technology development.

Our Users include large and small enterprises, telephony operators, carriers, service providers and voice technology vendors worldwide.

We don't use our Customers logos for marketing, and our Happy Users are our best sales people.


Tens of Thousands of Deployments and a lively community of users, engineers and developers.


Serving some of the largest and most complex Enterprises and Operators world wide 24/7/265


Helping Lawful Interception, Emergency Services transparently with open standards and open core.

Founded by Telecom Monitoring & OSS Pioneers

Our Open-Source projects are deployed and used by tens of thousands of VoIP Businesses worldwide

Our Commercial solutions are Trusted by larger than life Fortune Enteprises, Operators and Gaming Companies

Our Capture Technologies are natively supported by top VoIP projects such as Kamailio, OpenSIPS, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, RTP:Engine, Yate, Drachtio and so many more

HEPIC is the pro tool of choice when it comes to real-time telecom observability and integrations for VoIP and RTC powered platforms and services

  • Realtime Call and Registration Tracking
  • Realtime Media Stream QoS Analytics
  • Realtime Emitters of Statistics, Alerts, Usage
  • Distributed and Infinitely Scalable capacity

QRYN is the polyglot observability platform designed to support multiple vendor standards and transparently compatible with popular APIs

  • Supports Loki, Prometheus, Tempo APIs
  • Ingestion compatible with dozens of formats and providers ie: Elastic, DataDog, InfluxDB
  • Instantly available for SaaS or on-prem usage

100% Open-Source Monitoring, the industry standard when it comes to integrations and users.

Our most popular project and our greatest pride.

  • Easy Signaling Search and Correlation
  • Compatible for all the leading VoIP stacks such as Kamailio, OpenSIPS, Asterisk, Freeswitch, Drachtio, RTP:Engine, RTPProxy and integrated with dozens of custom agents

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Observability is what we do and love.

Whether you're using Open-Source for free or need a complex Commercial project consultancy, we're here to help you succeed.







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